Tackling Big Data with the right technique and the right technology


Starting from first principles of data systems, the approach we take, is to make sure we clearly capture the requirements for a particular Big Data problem.


Different situations require different tools. by understand the underlying big data challenges, we are then able to effectively map the requirements to the right set of tools.


The Lambda Architecture during the design stage, defines the technologies and how to wire them together to meet your requirements for a reliable, scalable resource-efficient data platform.


Streaming Data Connector

Vivomente’s streaming data API connector collects social data from multiple
public APIs, allowing you to simplify and save on valuable engineering resources.

Twitter Historical API

Vivoment’s API data connector provides access to the entire historical archive of public Twitter data. Access is accomplished through GNIP’s Historical PowerTrack API.

Application and Platform Support

Administration, monitoring, and support, including configuration and management of Big Data platform services. Ongoing application support and enhancements.

Working with the Data Connector

Our Data Connector allows you to connect to third party services and collect publicly available data. Some of the sources that you can connect to and collect data from include the following:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • GooglePlus
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • Delicious
  • Metacafe
  • VK
Historical API Connector

Using our Historical API Connector for Twitter, you are able to create a new job for a time frame and set required key-terms for your search. You are then able to sample the time period and generate ballpark estimates for the volume of data you are collecting. Once confirmed, you are able to accept the job and pull the data into the processing engine. You can then extract, clean, and load the historical data to Tableau for analytics and visualization.

You have an idea for a big-data application?