What we’re about

Vivomente offers expertise in predictive analytics, machine learning and advanced data engineering that’s focused on generating value from Big Data. Vivomente helps you prioritize and plan your implementation while considering business impact, and existing data, technology and skills. Benefits include:

  • IT and operational cost reductions
  • Improved insight into customer behavioral data
  • Adoption of analytics as a competitive weapon
  • Increased yield, productivity or profitability
  • Clearer visibility into emerging threats and risks
Analytics & Data Science

Vivomente specializes in big and high velocity data using our experienced consultants to provide predictive analytics for clickstream, Internet of Things, customer insights, content recommendations and more. We helps companies build new business capabilities from running analytics on big data technologies such as Spark and Hadoop. Our goal is to help you gain valuable insight from your data and turn that insight into a competitive advantage for your business.  We achieve this goal by having our data scientists working side-by-side with your team on data profiling, analysis and modeling and finally delivering a scalable and production-ready solution to you.


Vivomente offers robust and comprehensive services to support Big Data analytics platforms and applications. Our experienced Big Data experts use advanced tools and well defined, field-tested processes based on standards to deliver continuous improvements for Hadoop platforms and Big Data environments.