Vivomente offers expertise in predictive analytics, machine learning and advanced data engineering that’s focused on generating value from Big Data. We leverage open source technologies such as Hadoop and Apache Spark which means no software licensing costs to our customers and end users. The technologies we use leverage affordable commodity servers, which can be deployed in the cloud using cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or can be deployed on premise depending on the use case and requirements. Vivomente provides consulting services which include: planning, designing, and implementation and the cost of these services will depend on the number of resources required for the project, the duration of the project, and the complexity of the project.


Are there any licensing cost ?

Vivomente’s Big Data platforms are built on open source technologies which don’t have any licensing costs; however, any additional tools required for data visualization may require licensing.

Do you provide data analytics training ?

Yes, we provide training on the Big Data analytics platforms which we build for our customers. Depending on the customer’s need we can provide training through live online seminars or in person at the customer’s location.

Does your Big Data analytics platform connect to social media data sources ?

Yes, we are able to connect to social data sources such as: Twitter, FB, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus as well as many other social services if the use case or requirement to do so arises.

Do we need to go with a particular Cloud service provider ?

Vivomente’s Big Data analytics platform can be deployed to any service provider; however, if you are already using a particular cloud service provider for one of your data applications then we can deploy our platform to your existing service provider and provide custom integration to your existing data application.

Do you provide on premise deployment ?

Yes, we provide on premise deployment.  You would provide us with the required hardware resources (servers and switches) depending on the use case and requirements.  We would then install, configure, and deploy the necessary tools and technologies required for our Big Data analytics platform.

Do you provide ongoing support for your Big Data Analytics platforms ?

Yes, we provide ongoing support during the development stage of the project as well as once the project as completed.