Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is really about two things, big data and analytics, and how the two can be used to create one of the most profound trends in business intelligence (BI) today.

Big Data Via Three Vs

There are three important attributes of big data. Data volume, data variety, and data velocity. Each of the three Vs has its own ramifications for analytics.

Streaming Data

The speed of streaming data can be a challenge. Even more challenging, is the analytics of streaming data, and the capability to make sense of that data and possibly take action all in real time.

Discovery Analytics

A data scientist trying to discover new business facts unknown to an organization, needs large volumes of datasets with plenty of details, and quick responsive tools to conduct “discovery analytics”.

Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards that can show what’s really happening across many sets of data, correlate patterns across multiple metrics, and provide both a summary and in-depth views are critical for any big data platform.

Big data is mostly an opportunity, not a problem.

Through exploratory, detailed analyses of big data, organizations can discover new facts about their customers, markets, partners, costs, and operations, and then use that information for business advantage.

Sensor Data Points Processed
Social Data Sets Processed
Tableau Charts Created
Tableau Dashboards Created
What we’re about

We are all about data analytics. We help organizations deploy high performing data analytics platforms designed for their business needs. We focus on three key elements. Data, Tools, and People. Success in each capability depends on strength of the others.

We provide data science and data analysis expertise, including the development of intuitive interactive dashboards with drag and drop functionality. We provide end-user training on data science techniques and dashboard creations.

We understand data platforms

There are numerous new products and tools, specifically for advanced forms of analytics, and analytic databases that can manage big data. While it’s good to have options, utilizing the right combinations of tools and libraries often makes the difference between a great Data Analytics Platform, and a complex one that fails to meet its objectives.

Our data platforms integrate with data visualization tools with drag and drop functionality, operate in real-time and/or extract data, blend data types, provide myriad filtering options, perform trend analysis and forecast, easily group, split and manipulate data, as well as map and export information as required in multiple formats.


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What our clients say

With the Vivomente’s data platform, we've gained visibility into metrics on interactions, allowing us to continuously enhance our content and engagement strategy, while enabling more targeted messaging. Because the platform aggregated data feeds from multiple sources, it allowed us to accurately identify trends as they start to breakout and emerge.- Octelligence.
Vivomente deployed our data platform in a private cloud. This aligned well with our corporate strategy towards Cloud based computing. Without committing to the expensive hardware needed for big data systems, we worked with Vivomente to deploy our Beta release in a private cloud, which allowed us to benchmark our storage and processing needs. This proved to be a great strategy for deploying our data platform for the Digital Public Square Project.- University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs
Vivomente’s Data Science team worked with our Business Analyst and provided platform and data analytics training. They worked hand-in-hand with out BAs helping them create dashboardS that show what’s really happening across many sets of data. Vivomente’s data science team also provided us with excellent data discovery sessions that changed our approach to data analytic, and data discovery strategies. - apex Cluster